Neuropsychological and Assessment Services

Performed by licensed psychologists in a safe and comfortable environment, we offer comprehensive psychological testing and assessment services for people of all backgrounds.

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We offer comprehensive testing and assessment services for people of all backgrounds ages 16+. Performed by licensed psychologists in a safe and comfortable environment, these evaluations can help doctors, teachers, prescribers, family members, and individuals themselves gain a deeper understanding of cognitive, neurological, attention, and emotional issues. Assessments may involve a range of test measures, including interviewing and review of relevant records to bring new clarity to a person’s way of behaving in the world and aid in creating an effective, personalized healing and management plan. Referrals for assessments can be made by doctors, therapists, schools, counselors, or individuals looking to gain more knowledge about themselves.

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Our Licensed Psychologists

We’re a diverse team of licensed psychologists and practitioners whose expertise reaches across disciplines and focuses so you can find the right partner for your path. We invite you to explore our team bios to explore the wide range of approaches our team can provide.

Neuropsychological and Assessment Services

Our Clinics and Locations

Each of our therapy and wellness clinic locations across the greater-Minneapolis and St. Paul metro is designed to invite self-reflection in a calm, comfortable environment.

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  1. Reach Out

    The first step is reaching out via form or phone to get connected with our referrals team to start the process.

  2. Match With a Provider

    Our referrals team will work to identify and connect you with a therapist or wellness provider that’s the right fit.

  3. Schedule Your First Appointment

    Appointments are scheduled directly with providers once a match is made and insurance benefits are verified.