Holistic Help for Health and Wellbeing

To ensure that all people can find the right partners on their path to wellness, our providers offer a vast range of services. Our approach is grounded in the complex lived experience of individual people, so we work across a variety of therapies, modalities, specializations, and disciplines to account for your unique needs and affinities. From individual and group psychotherapy to medication management, acupuncture and nutritional counseling, your journey at LynLake will be guided by expertise and compassion.


At LynLake, you’ll find psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, and professional and addiction counselors dedicated to helping all people live more authentic lives. Our team’s expertise covers a wide array of therapeutic specializations and modalities, including Sensorimotor, EMDR, ART, DBT, and systems therapy, as well as individual psychotherapy, couples or relational therapy, group and family therapy, child and adolescent therapy, play therapy and more. Therapy is clinically proven to help support people struggling with a range of concerns: mental health, chemical dependency, relational, work, life stage transitions, grief, illness.

Medication Management

Our prescribers approach medication management holistically, working with individuals to examine whether medication is the right route to address specific symptoms or stressors. For that reason, medication management is often pursued in conjunction with broader therapy or counseling. Individuals who pursue medication management can be self-referred, or referred by a doctor, family member, or therapist.

Diet and Nutrition

Our registered dieticians may consult with individuals looking for support with a range of eating disorders or other nutritional issues that can coexist with mental health concerns. It may cover issues such as diet, exercise, food trauma, and establishing a healthy relationship with food to help individuals restore or reduce weight and address any other eating issues that interfere with their optimal functioning. Dieticians always consider all relevant medial and dietary restrictions, and often work in conjunction with therapists, doctors, family members, and treatment facilities as part of a holistic wellness plan.

Psychological Testing

We offer comprehensive testing and assessment services for people of all backgrounds ages 16+. Performed by licensed psychologists in a safe and comfortable environment, these evaluations can help doctors, teachers, prescribers, family members, and individuals themselves gain a deeper understanding of cognitive, neurological, attention, and emotional issues. Assessments may involve a range of test measures, including interviewing and review of relevant records to bring new clarity to a person’s way of behaving in the world and aid in creating an effective, personalized healing and management plan. Referrals for assessments can be made by doctors, therapists, schools, counselors, or individuals looking to gain more knowledge about themselves.


A gentle, long-practiced tradition of using needle pressure at key points on the body, acupuncture is a practice that helps many individuals rebalance their body, mind, and spirit. Restful and meditative, it can be helpful for individuals to gain a new perspective on their physical and emotional life and is often used to support other therapeutic work.