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Rob Baker


To help people from all walks of life break new ground, Rob Baker specializes in trauma-informed therapy modes such as Polyvagal Theory, Sensorimotor Therapy and Internal Family Systems. Rob earned his master’s degree in Addiction Studies from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and a BA in psychology from University of North Carolina. His in-field experience includes work with the Positive Emotion Psychology Lab under Dr. Fredrickson, three years of counseling female opiate users at Hazelden and intense trauma-focused training under Janina Fisher, PhD. For those who find themselves in states of fight or flight, experience unwelcome thoughts, feel disconnected, hopeless or shut down, Rob offers a safe space to explore and heal past traumas, become unstuck and build resilience. Our autonomic nervous systems and memory storage are designed to keep us alive.

Life experiences and past traumas, big and small, cause this essential system to re-enact the past and it can feel out of control. Understanding our neurology and using compassionate inquiry about experiences and responses increases self-compassion and increases flexibility so you can live the life you want to live. Rob takes a non judgmental approach, and is passionate about empowering people by helping them access their own strengths, ability to feel safe, secure and confident. Because choosing a therapist can often feel overwhelming, Rob invites new patients to reach out for a no-cost/no obligation 20-minute consultation. This is a no-stress way to address any concerns you might have before you begin.

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