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Paige Love


Paige believes that therapy is grounded in a collaborative therapeutic relationship, formed in a safe, trusting environment. She believes healing is made possible through self-compassion and the ability to be kind and forgiving towards ourselves. As a therapist, her goal is to assist clients in better understanding who they are and cultivating acceptance towards all parts of themselves. She considers it an honor to sit with clients and to have the opportunity to hold their story.

She practices from a trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive perspective. She utilizes relational, strengths-based, attachment and humanistic approaches to promote healing in clients’ lives. She holds awareness of the power differential that exists within the therapeutic relationship, and recognizes her own privilege as a cisgender White woman. Paige is trained in EMDR, and has a personal commitment to working with individuals coping with the after-effects of trauma, and/or grief and loss.

Paige lives in Minneapolis with her partner and son. She enjoys live music, travel, pie, and napping.

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