Pre-Licensed Practitioner, under supervision

Meghan J. Wilson

Locations: Lyn-Lake Building, Telehealth

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Meghan J. Wilson


Meghan starts from the assumption that what you are experiencing makes sense given your context, and that you have been doing the best you can with the tools available to you. She works hard to listen to whatever parts of you need to be heard from a place of openness so that she may offer gratitude to the ways those parts have gotten you this far in life, and may also collaborate with you to help you find more effective ways to move forward.

Meghan is committed to doing her part to build a society where people of any body size, neurotype, gender, religious, racial or cultural background are treated with respect. As a person who came to understand her own Autistic and queer identities later in life, she is familiar with the exhaustion that comes with masking and strives to help you develop the autonomy to decide when you use your masks and when you take them off.

Meghan utilizes a somatic, relational and systemic approach to try and understand the connections between different parts of yourself, your body, and the people in your life. She uses various strategies to help you understand how your past may be informing your experience in the present moment. She has completed Phases 1 and 2 of Brainspotting and interweaves these techniques throughout the therapeutic journey in order to help you process the things that you cannot find the words to explain.

Meghan is also a mother who loves playing with her kiddo, being outside, dancing, reading, and traveling. She firmly believes in doing things that bring joy, regardless of whether she is “good” at them.

Meghan is a pre-licensed practitioner working towards her LPCC licensure under the supervision of Kate West, MSW, LICSW. She has worked with multiple different populations, including neurodivergent individuals, people experiencing eating disorders, symptoms related to trauma, chronic pain, and people living with a serious and persistent mental illness. Meghan works with individuals ages 16 and older.

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