Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

Marissa Cerone

Locations: The Lakeside Center, Telehealth

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Marissa Cerone


Marissa’s existential orientation lends itself well to helping you navigate the big questions, life transitions, and relational changes you experience. She cultivates a supportive, warm, and candid space for you to discover and express your truths. She prioritizes expanding your self-awareness through deepening the mind-body connection and using that presence in your body to cultivate a sense of presence with your emotions and intuition as well.

Marissa believes in the power of cultivating meaningful connections to create a sense of belonging in your life as a primary tool for defining your meaning and purpose. No two journeys are the same, and Marissa is excited to work with you to tell your story so that together, you can identify patterns and gain greater clarity about your journey. In this way, Marissa will help you overcome your unique obstacles and empower you to take action toward self-actualization.

Marissa works with individuals over the age of 13 who are navigating big life transitions, wrestling with questions about meaning or purpose, and seeking a deeper sense of authenticity and connection in their lives. She is also excited to work with people in romantic relationships of all configurations, including couples and polycules, relationships anywhere on the spectrum of monogamy/non-monogamy, blended families, and other relationships with nontraditional structures. She approaches family counseling with an eye toward achieving harmony and meaningful connection, where each family member can feel supported in expressing their truth.

Marissa is working under the licensed supervision of Christina Jobelius, LMFT while she completes her graduate internship program.

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