Marcus S. Manning


Business Development Specialist

Locations: The Lakeside Center

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Marcus S. Manning


Marcus is passionate about his calling to contribute to the field through work with Couples Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and Stress Management. Marcus’ specialties also include, Interracial Couples Counseling and Intense Adult ADD/ADHD Consulting and Counseling

Marcus is also deeply committed to integrating his understanding of Neuropsychology and Psychophysiology(brain and body relationship) into his work with you.

As a Transracial adoptee, Marcus brings a unique cultural perspective to the work and to the therapy provided for his clients. Marcus's life experience covers the boundaries of both African American and Caucasian cultures. As a result, it allows the opportunity to offer an uncommon multicultural lens.

Marcus is also a Ketamine Assisted Therapist and provides this service to eligible LynLake clients through our partnership with Institute for Integrative Therapies (IIT). Learn more at or reach out to

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