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Luke Yost


We all come to points where the river of life diverges and we must adjust and make decisions to go with the flow or change course. No matter how these diverging currents show up in your life, our minds sometimes seem to lose focus, doubt ourselves, or worry about all the distracting possibilities.

My goal is to help you work toward healthy self-reassurance and intentionality as you move forward in life.

Luke uses an integrative focus in cognitive behavioral and acceptance and commitment methods, as well as experiential therapies with the goal to encourage and explore meaning-making during life adjustments and transitions. Sometimes these adjustments come with challenges such as anxious thinking, reassurance seeking, indecision, and repetitive doubt cycles, as well as self-esteem and imposter syndrome/performance anxiety.

Luke works with many clients in the LGBTQIA community. Neurodivergence, such as ADHD, autism, and obsessive/rumination, is an added layer of context that Luke has experience navigating with clients as they explore the experience of anxiety. Some common themes that his clients want to address in therapy are anxiety, decision fatigue, indecision, doubt, gender identity, skills in neurodivergence, religious trauma, sexuality, and masculinity.

Luke encourages creative expression of the self, and believes this can be experienced in many different ways, such as D & D groups, sports, art, comics/anime, music, dress, community building, biking/outdoors, reading, writing, or simply being mindful.

Luke graduated from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota with an MA in Counseling and Psychological Services and currently holds an LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) license in Minnesota. Luke also has an MPA.

Outside of work, Luke enjoys the outdoors, music, live concerts, staying active, volunteering, time with family and friends, writing, paddling, golfing, cooking, reading, pop culture, and fostering community. Luke is also an avid photographer and writer.

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