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Luke Yost


Luke graduated from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota with an MA in Counseling and Psychological Services and currently holds and LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) in MN.

Luke actively engages in hearing each client’s unique experiences that shape who they are today through various ways in which one expresses emotion. In addition, he shows interest in how nature and collective experiences connect us as individuals, as well as the power of meaning across the lifespan.
Luke has an integrative focus in cognitive behavioral and acceptance and commitment methods, emotionally focused and couples therapy, grief and loss, experiential therapies including meaning-making at various stages of life and life adjustments. He is especially interested LGBTQIA identities as well as those identities within autism spectrum, concerns with anxiety, ADHD presentations in adulthood (and its relation to anxiety and depression), ASD (autism spectrum), parenting (especially young adult fathers), gender/identity and sexuality, masculinity related to anger, sensitivity, bonding, and support. Luke is also interested in trauma, and attachment. Luke values expression in a variety of forms including creatively, emotionally, and expression of identity. Expression of stories is a valuable form of externalization and alleviation of symptomatic features. He encourages mindfulness practices, regular self-reflection and observation, a self-identifiable meaning making process, and self-strength building skills.

Luke continues to build a strong theoretical orientation and a fluid, life-long curiosity to learn, build skills, and help others. He has a degree in history and political science as well as a Master’s in Public Administration. Outside of work, Luke enjoys the outdoors, music, live concerts, staying active, volunteering, time with family and friends, writing, paddling, golfing, cooking, reading, pop culture, and fostering community. Luke is also an avid photographer and writer.

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