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Liz Andrade


Liz is passionately committed to empowering others on their journey toward personal growth, self-love, and balance. With over 20 years of experience working with diverse populations, she has developed a deep understanding and practice of cultural humility. Liz’s aspiration lies in guiding individuals towards achieving harmony in their lives through empathy and effective communication, always respecting and valuing the unique differences in each person she works with. Her passion lies in fostering healthy communication, a vital component of successful relationships. She strives to implement this in every aspect of her clients' lives.

Awareness forms the cornerstone of Liz's therapeutic approach, emphasizing the critical connection between a client and their therapist. Her client-centered treatment style and use of narrative therapy help clients separate themselves from their problems, enabling them to see their lives from a different perspective. Liz's calm demeanor and passion for her work enable her to walk alongside those struggling. She helps her clients shift from pain and meaninglessness to a place of hope, harmony, and tranquility.

Liz excels in guiding individuals through the challenges of despair, stress, grief, and sadness. Through her empathetic and supportive approach, she empowers clients to uncover their inner strength and resilience, offering the tools and guidance necessary to rebuild their lives and achieve a sense of peace and fulfillment. Passionately committed to personal growth, self-love, and balance, Liz is also trained in Brainspotting, a powerful therapeutic technique that helps clients process and overcome trauma by accessing and releasing deep-seated emotional pain. This innovative approach enhances her ability to guide clients toward healing and transformation, making her support even more impactful.

Liz is working under the supervision of Nikki Casey, MA, LMFT, while she is pursuing her licensure as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

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