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Patricia Katie Murray

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Patricia Katie Murray


Dr. Katie Murray believes that healing happens within a supportive, authentic relationship that creates space for repair. Her practice as a clinical psychologist is grounded in the field of interpersonal neurobiology and she specializes in the treatment of trauma, attachment wounds, mood disorders and eating disorders with adult clients. Personally and professionally, she works to embody the beliefs that boundaries and direct communication are kind.

Katie’s training includes EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Levels I & II (a body-based psychotherapy) and experience integrating treatments on a bio-psycho-social-spiritual level. She has specific experience working with clients who have a background in Christianity ¬¬and enjoys working with people to explore how their beliefs and practices evolve as they grow in alignment with their true selves. To this end, Katie holds tenderness towards those who are healing from faith communities that have been wounding, rejecting, and traumatizing. She will walk alongside those working to separate what they want to leave behind and what they want to reclaim and expand into spiritual practices that fully honor all aspects of their selves. She believes that each of us possesses the wisdom we need, sometimes we just need help creating the container to access it. Katie’s hope is that her clients feel empowered to draw on and grow into their inherent worth through their work together.

Katie acknowledges that her practice is based in the homeland of the Dakota people. Her work as a clinical psychologist strives to align with her belief in the importance of social justice and a personal and professional commitment to the on-going work of anti-racism through Somatic Abolitionism. As a White bodied person, she acknowledges that she enters this work from an unearned place of privilege and believes in the importance of that awareness in the therapeutic relationship. She also enjoys working with others who are seeking support in their process of dismantling internalized racism and White bodied supremacy.

In addition to individual and couple’s work, Katie has a passion for the healing power of therapeutic groups and has experience in group work at a range of levels of support. She also has the honor of supporting developing therapists on their path towards licensure as a clinical supervisor and truly loves that aspect of her practice.

Katie is a member of PsyPact, an interstate agreement that allows her to work with clients as they travel and live in the participating states, and is also licensed to practice in the state of New York.

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