MSW, LICSW, Director of Clinical Supervision--LPCC track

LPCC Internship Lead

Locations: The Lakeside Center, Telehealth

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Kate West


Kate West is an unpretentious, seasoned therapist. She works with older teens, adults, and couples. She identifies as a generalist, and is most strongly influenced by the psychodynamic tradition.

Kate helps clients get to the root of their suffering by helping them explore unconscious experiences -- i.e. the feelings, wishes, and urges which they are not aware of. Because her aim is in part to “stir things up,” her style can best be described as warmly provocative. She has a way of helping clients examine the best and worst of themselves with compassion and humor, such that clients are surprised, ultimately, to be expressing their true selves without the toxic shame they’d harbored before.

An English major and an artist, Kate offers a perspective which is strongly influenced by the Humanities. This perspective helps clients relinquish fixations on a hyper-productive, goal-oriented life — in favor one which celebrates love, community, and the imagination.

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