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Izaak Davison-Kerwood

Locations: Fire Station No.14, Telehealth

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Izaak Davison-Kerwood


Izaak works with his clients using cognitive theory and a pattern-focused approach that integrates symbolic and art therapy approaches. Izaak works with children and adolescents from ages 5-18 as well as adults. He has experience working with schizophrenia, personality disorders, mood disorders and anxiety.

Through life we become exposed to many different situations and challenges and depending on how we react to these or what we conclude we have very different behaviors or struggles. Figuring out our patterns of thought, physical, and emotional reactions is hugely beneficial in stopping these habits, which often have been helpful at many points but no longer serve us.

Izaak uses current research to inform his practice and utilizes both body-based and cognitive therapies to develop a holistic understanding of emotions and their purposes for clients, as well as effective ways to manage them.

Izaak works collaboratively with his clients in a mutual consultation, developing an understanding of their specific challenges and working together to create tailored solutions to these. In his work through experimenting with tailored interventions clients are led to reduce the struggle or conflict they maintain in their reactions, which often originates from a desire to control troubling thoughts and behaviors. Izaak holds a Masters degree in clinical counseling and art therapy. Izaak is also pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) with Augsburg University.

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