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Heather Robibaro


Heather Robibaro is a Certified Reiki level II Practitioner, who received her last certification in 2018. She is trained in the Kyoto School style of Reiki and studied for her certifications in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is currently finishing her Level III clinical work and is looking forward to being able to share her knowledge as a teacher.

Heather is also a yoga instructor who has been teaching for 9 years, focusing on small groups and private clients. She also develops personalized guided meditations for relaxation, sleep, anxiety relief, and healing. Heather likes to combine all three of these modalities for whole-body wellness. She leads her treatments, sessions and meditations from a heart-centered, trauma-informed space. As a person living with Combined ADHD, Heather is also well versed in creating an inclusive environment.

In her free time, Heather enjoys hiking, strolling through the Sculpture Garden at the Walker, experimenting with various vegan and Ayurvedic cooking, obsessing over her latest hyper focused hobby and working on various ways to make our communities more connected and inclusive for all.

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