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Erica Haugen


Your beliefs about yourself, others, and the world guide you through life. They are the lens through which you create meaning and the angle from which you move toward finding a sense of belonging. And sometimes, your beliefs create an approach to life that just isn’t working for you anymore. This is where therapy comes in.

Erica’s approach is grounded in human development, attachment theory, family systems, and Adlerian theory. She places heavy emphasis on relationships and the dynamics you experience within them. It is within your relationships, from childhood to today, that you have developed your belief systems and your way of being.

Erica will provide a warm, welcoming, and compassionate environment as you share your story with her. As you talk, she will listen with curiosity and intention. Erica’s goal is to understand who you are and how you arrived to where you are today. Then, together, you will discover how to move toward greater joy and fulfillment.

Erica enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families.

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