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Emily Coughlin



Emily believes that humans thrive through long-term, trusting, and collaborative relationships. She provides individualized treatment for adults and couples with myriad concerns by emphasizing their strengths and encouraging confidence in their ability to solve their own problems and access resources. She asserts that weaknesses are unmastered strengths that can be transformed into behaviors supportive of an authentic and satisfying life.

She focuses on healthy communication, boundaries, values-based action, acceptance and commitment, family systems, and the connection between the body and mental health. Emily is also an Accelerated Resolution Therapy practitioner. Emily has conducted individual and couples therapy, as well as led DBT Skills, substance abuse, eating disorder, men’s and women’s groups.

She specializes in treating individuals with the following presentations: depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, substance abuse, OCD, social phobia, eating disorders, intermittent explosive disorder, body dysmorphia, gender dysphoria, hoarding disorder, personality disorders, and others.

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