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Dan Hoffman



Dan has been at this for over 5 years now, and he's always fascinated by the infinite variety of ways people can get themselves in and out of trouble. Dan works with adults to overcome roadblocks, better understand themselves, and otherwise self-actualize. His clinical interests include anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, self-esteem, unwanted substance and behavioral patterns, lifespan growth among many others. Dan is trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy for trauma relief and has seen powerful results. Dan values empowerment highly in the therapeutic process and works well with motivated clients.

Clients in this space can expect to work through a cognitive behavioral lens blended with mindfulness practices, acceptance, and humanistic ideals. Dan believes you are the expert of your experience, and will explore your thoughts for context to better see the world through your eyes. He values a non judgemental attitude and space, and believes that non judgemental energy is pivotal in growth and trust. Dan believes that the therapeutic alliance is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle and is honored by any individual willing to share this space and build that alliance. Laughs are also allowed and encouraged!

Dan attended the University of Minnesota, Duluth for undergraduate study, where he acquired both sociology and psychology degrees. He attended the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities where he acquired a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. He spent the last five and half years working with a blend of groups, individuals, chemical addiction and mental health treatment both outpatient and intensive outpatient. Dan was born and raised in Minnesota and is deeply connected to the state. He enjoys outdoor recreation, the city life, adventuring in the woods and decompressing in the garden with his partner and cat, Ned.

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