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Christina Rates


We so commonly address and maintain our physical health and disregard our ever so important mental health. My goal as your therapist is to provide you with a safe place where you can discuss everything from the dailiness of life to paralyzing symptoms resulting from a chronic battle with a mental health disorder. I am a cognitive behavioral therapist and believe in both the use of cognitive restructuring and behavioral interventions to address any problem, perceived big or small. I believe real change can occur if we do the (home)work required.

I provide services for adults who are experiencing life-phase transitions, trouble adjusting and grief. I work with clients who are managing anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorders. I am passionate about working with clients experiencing anxiety with symptoms of excessive worry, perfectionism, rigidity, the anxiety cycle, feeling overwhelmed, finding it difficult to control their worry, restlessness, trouble falling and/or staying asleep.

I have experience conducting in-home exposure therapy for client’s who suffered with symptoms of anxiety including agoraphobia, specific phobia, hoarding, panic and obsessive-compulsive rituals. I also worked for five years as a college and career counselor helping high school students navigate their post-secondary plans and the transition into young adulthood. Lastly, I am trained in trauma focused-cognitive behavioral therapy.

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