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Christina Jobelius


Your reasoning for seeking therapy is specific and unique. The way Christina works with your personal circumstances will be a collaborative process. Christina knows when to be directive, provide structure or simply offer advice and resources. She also knows how to encourage you to lead your therapeutic process and support you in creating more self-advocacy inside and outside of therapy. Therapy is a learned skill that you will refine together. Together you come up with a course of therapy that suits your personal values, preferences and needs.

Christina works from a trauma informed lens from her training in CPT, a research-based treatment for PTSD. Additionally, Christina values supporting a diverse population and makes personal and professional choices that reflect solidarity with people who are affected by oppression and are marginalized in our society.

An important aim Christina has in therapy is to decrease your challenges by increasing understanding of yourself and your circumstances. Christina believes personal insight brings clearer seeing of your complexities which in turn creates less harshness toward yourself and more capacity to face whatever has brought you to therapy.

From working as a grief therapist, Christina has a deep understanding of loss, trauma and how we heal from the unimaginable. Out of this work Christina knows how to support you through the unchangeable aspects of life we are never prepared for. In Addition, from working with eating disorders for many years, Christina knows when to be directive and structured and can provide specific approaches to create more ease and greater skills in your life.

The work of healing is a great undertaking, one that is best approached when there are moments of humor along the way. Additionally, this endeavor is best when you have accompaniment by someone who knows the work of healing, knows that capacity and skill can be gained and is committed to your wellbeing.

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