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Carissa Tchalla

Locations: The Lakeside Center

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Carissa Tchalla


Do you feel unlovable or that you are not enough? Do you feel like you are always searching for acceptance from others? Do you feel like there is constant conflict in your relationship with your partner or family? You don’t have to struggle with this alone, and you don’t have to feel like this forever. Carissa works with individuals, couples, and families, providing them with assistance in working through the many challenges of life. She believes that everyone has the strengths and resources they need within themselves and hopes to help clients identify and utilize their strengths! She wants to connect with you and create a space where you feel heard, validated, and supported. She also uses her experience as an athlete and knowledge of sports psychology to help athletes succeed!

Carissa’s work in therapy is grounded in Narrative Therapy, which focuses on how our life narratives affect our everyday experiences. Together with Carissa, you will collaboratively explore your personal experiences and work to create a way of living that is preferred and satisfying for you! Carissa pairs this with mind-body interventions which improve treatment efficiency.

Carissa chose to become a therapist because she knows what it is like to struggle through life and she has been on her own healing journey. Through these experiences, it became clear to Carissa that she wants to help others experience healing and growth, achieve their goals, and enjoy a better quality of life. Carissa would love to meet you and walk alongside you on your journey!

Carissa is working under the licensed supervision of Lorie Crandall, MA, LMFT while she pursues clinical licensure as a Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist.

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