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Anna Morgan

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Anna Morgan


There are moments in our lives that despite our efforts to manage, we feel overwhelmed and can’t move. As a therapist who specializes in consequences of trauma, in emotional dysregulation, in depression and anxiety, it is clear that emotional pain can be as powerful as physical pain. Anna’s calling to work as a therapist is to provide hope, the possibility of change, a safe space, understanding, and an experts’ perspective so you can work on your healing. Our nervous system is powerful and influences our physical well-being. We can influence these favorably or unfavorably with our emotions and thoughts.

Anna is passionate about helping clients achieve control over their nervous system and their reactions. These can be steadily shaped to aid emotional healing. It’s typically hard to escape the perspective we learned, the story we tell ourselves; a professional observer, a therapist can help. With appropriate support, and demonstration that internal emotional cycles can be broken, we have the ability to heal, to accept ourselves, to change how we feel, and to make our lives better. As a trilingual therapist, Anna also enjoys working with Spanish and Portuguese native speakers.

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