Amy Kephart

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Amy Kephart


Are you feeling depressed, anxious, having problems with relationships, in a difficult transition, or feeling the impact of past trauma on your life? Amy has over eighteen years of experience guiding people through difficult times and helping them gain insight and develop coping skills that allow them to move on with their lives with an increased sense of freedom, self awareness, and confidence.

Amy’s approach is compassionate, creative, and always based on the client’s needs and style. Amy has a broad array of theoretical tools and perspectives to draw from depending on the client’s needs. Amy’s perspective is trauma informed and strengths based. Amy often uses a “parts of self” perspective, as well as CBT, and ACT tools. A cornerstone of Amy’s work is helping clients cultivate the ability to reflect on their experiences, emotions, and thoughts from a place of calm non judgement. The focus is on the present and on bringing awareness to the opportunities available in the present moment. Amy finds laughing together is therapeutic as well as fun.

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