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Amy Beadle


Amy (she/her) believes in the importance of finding a safe space, free from judgment or being “fixed”, where we can feel seen in all of our complexity; a space where we can get curious about ourselves in more expansive ways than a symptom checklist or diagnosis can capture. She’s learning in her own life that the moments when we’re able to step outside of our day-to-day, where we feel safe enough to turn inward…to talk through a concern, process an experience, or feel an emotion… are the moments that lead to change as we learn to be with and trust ourselves more and more. She also acknowledges that therapy is not the only place to find these moments - and aims to help you understand and affirm where you safely meet yourself, while respecting how hard this work can be without support.

Amy believes that what brings us to therapy isn’t only understood on an individual level, but also in the context of the communities and systems that impact us, and sees her role as a therapist synonymous with being an advocate for social justice. Integrating experience as a health coach and Pilates trainer focused on mindful movement, Amy believes that deeper healing of trauma and relational patterns often requires body-based tools that work at a level beyond what talk therapy can provide. She uses an Internal Family Systems (IFS) lens and is trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), a trauma therapy offering autonomy and empowerment to clients to be able to find relief within session reprocessing the way the body relates to trauma. Formerly a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) group leader, she embodies an enthusiastically curious approach, and will gladly join you down a rabbit hole analyzing themes in the latest podcast or TV show. You can expect a blend of humor, learning, a gentle approach that never waivers on affirming who you are, and a deep respect for a genuine connection in working with Amy.

Amy loves working with young adults and individuals training in helping professions. She is committed to maintaining an inclusive space, and practices with a systemic, trauma-informed and LGBTQIA+ affirming lens. She is open to working with all individuals 18+. Outside of work, she is most likely outside on a hike or playing golf, on an adventure exploring a mountain town, or snuggling on the couch with her English bulldog Oliver snoring loudly on her lap.

Amy is working under the licensed supervision of Corinne Nechalova, LPCC, E-CYT 500, while pursuing clinical licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.

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