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At LynLake, what matters is you—your story, your needs, your path to building and sustaining a resilient, creative, authentic life.

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At LynLake, we offer a comprehensive set of holistic services, therapies, and expertise for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Nutrition Therapy

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Our Registered Dietitians support individuals with a range of eating disorders or other nutritional concerns that may coexist with a mental health diagnosis.

Therapy & Counseling

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From individual and child therapy to family and relationship counseling, we offer a wide range of modalities, approaches, and tools to support your journey. Continue reading about some of the most common therapies we offer.

Medication Managemen

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Our Psychiatric Providers approach medication management holistically to examine whether medication is the right route to address specific symptoms or stressors.

Assessment Services

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Performed by licensed psychologists in a safe and comfortable environment, we offer comprehensive psychological testing and assessment services for people of all backgrounds.


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Acupuncture can be used in times of injury, illness, or wellness to treat many mental, emotional, and physical health conditions.

Holistic Wellness Services and Therapies

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Standalone or in support of other therapies, we offer additional holistic wellness services such as acupuncture, coaching, Reiki, yoga, massage therapy, and more.


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  1. Reach Out

    The first step is reaching out via form or phone to get connected with our referrals team to start the process.

  2. Match With a Provider

    Our referrals team will work to identify and connect you with a therapist or wellness provider that’s the right fit.

  3. Schedule Your First Appointment

    Appointments are scheduled directly with providers once a match is made and insurance benefits are verified.