MPS, LADC, Pre-Licensed Practitioner, under supervision

Meredith Evenson

Locations: The Lakeside Center, Telehealth

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Meredith Evenson


Meredith believes individuals’ thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and bodily sensations need to be brought into our awareness, as insight is essential for change. She also believes that humans want to find purpose and meaning in their lives, that most people want to feel loved, validated, and that their needs are being met. When these are not present, unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, such as avoidance or negative self-talk can arise and cause distress in our lives. Meredith uses cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and the therapeutic relationship as tools for alleviating symptoms and supporting other goals of healing.

Meredith works with adults of all genders who struggle with mental health disorders, such as anxiety, trauma, and mood disorders, as well as substance use disorders, or both. Additional areas of interest include medical trauma, sexual trauma, relationships and communication skills, meaning-making, spirituality/faith, religious trauma, veterans and military trauma, and reintegration of incarcerated individuals.

Meredith feels passionate about the ethical responsibilities of therapeutic care to help prevent clients from harm and support clients having autonomy in their lives, especially throughout the counseling process. Each person is unique, and she believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to counseling. Meredith aims to provide individualized care to each client and recognize how multiculturalism and identity affect how clients experience daily life. Meredith strives to be an advocate for marginalized clients including, but not limited to, those impacted by racism, fatphobia, and sexism.

Meredith is working under the licensed supervision of Corinne Nechalova, LPCC, E-CYT 500, while she pursues licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).

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