Joanna L. Mills

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Joanna L. Mills


Joanna’s goal as a therapist is to create space in which people can tell their stories, feel their emotions, understand their influences, and generate choices that empower them to live with authenticity and integrity. Her approach is eclectic and intuitive drawing on a blend of insight- and cognitive-oriented theories and practices based on over 30 years experience with individual, group, and family therapy across a variety of clinical environments.

Joanna believes strongly that the meaning of life is to LIVE it which means learning how to sustainably take risks and tolerate uncertainty while leaning into the unpredictable cycle of beauty, tragedy, and comedy inherent in being fully human. As a therapist, Joanna sees herself as a guide, a resource, a teacher, a facilitator, and a fellow traveler. She is committed to recognizing and confronting the ways in which systems of oppression have prevented individuals defined as outside ‘the norm’ from accessing their full humanity. Therefore, contributing to the acknowledgement and deconstruction of bias or injustice on the basis of race/ethnicity/gender/sexual orientation/class/religion/etc is an integral part of Joanna’s practice.

Joanna offers individual psychotherapy for adults (21+). Her therapeutic influences include Brene Brown’s Daring Way, Pia Mellody’s Post-Induction Therapy, NVC, Trauma Focused CBT, DBT, IFS, Family Systems Theory, Gestalt Therapy, 12 Step Addiction Recovery, Neuropsychotherapy, Relational Therapy, the Enneagram, and Intuitive Astrology.

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