Hugh Armstrong

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Hugh Armstrong


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Hugh strives to create a connection by earning and maintaining trust within his practice. A starting point for this development is when there is a shared space of safety that encourages both the freedom to be open and the reassurance that you will be supported throughout the process. Not only does this type of setting contribute to a healthy shift towards positive thoughts and beliefs, but it inevitably strengthens the trust between client and therapist.

In Hugh’s work with individuals from diverse backgrounds, his approach has most prominently consisted of psychoanalytic theory and mindfulness concepts to develop both an understanding of how to navigate life and to identify strategies that help create space to welcome feelings of both warmth and safety. With a non-judgmental and compassionate ear, Hugh will work with you to develop a shared agreement that will leave you with an awareness that can help to maintain the positive changes as they emerge.

Hugh looks forward to meeting you wherever you are in your life, and very much welcomes the uniqueness you bring to the table.

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