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Elizabeth Jackson


Elizabeth Jackson, MS, RDN, LDN is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian specializing in eating disorders, child and family feeding issues, co-occurring/substance use disorders and management of eating- and weight-related illness. After starting in clinical practice in 1987, Elizabeth worked in Michigan for 19 years in private practice and also developed an upper level course on eating disorders for health majors which she taught for 8 years at Central Michigan University.

Starting in 2002, she was one of the original clinical faculty members of the Ellyn Satter Institute and conducted child feeding workshops and trainings in both the US and Canada. Moving to Minnesota in 2010, she worked as an outpatient dietitian at a large multilevel eating disorder treatment center for over 7 years and worked for one year in a substance use disorder treatment center. She is a seasoned public speaker and loves presenting for lay and professional groups alike.

Elizabeth has a special interest in the intersection of insecure attachment, trauma (including food trauma) and eating disorders, and the prevention and treatment of the multigenerational impact of all three. She is a founding member of the MN Trauma Project and uses a Health at Every Size/Body Positive/social justice approach to weight in all of her work. Aware of her many privileges, Elizabeth aims to listen with humility and an open heart and mind and to continually educate herself in order to expand her ability to collaboratively facilitate and nurture healing in a diverse and inclusive practice.

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