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Ed Fosco


Ed’s training is in primarily marriage and family therapy which include internal family systems and relational enhancement therapy. Ed has 35 years of experience with treating adolescents and adults with histories of family dysfunction, anxiety and panic disorders, depression, trauma, and general phase of life problems all based in a systemic and social context.

Ed’s approach to working with clients individually is based in a developmental and systems perspective focusing on family experiences, environmental, social and relational circumstances impacting the client's difficulties. Ed emphasizes a solution-focused model – one that focuses on the person’s strengths and identifying and developing additional strategies and new coping skills that help people to make better personal, interpersonal and professional decisions.

Ed believes that all problems occur within a social context and a person's relationship to the various people in their lives including partners; family members; friendships; and work relationships.

Ed expresses his personal and professional approach to therapy the following way – “Life is a “process”…not a “product. It is ever evolving and changing. Some say life is essentially a series of momentary decisions that we make every day – one after the other.” The essence of helping people escape from their pain, barriers to growth, and impasses and move forward is in understanding “how” people make decisions.

Ed believes that good decisions are self-promoting and result in personal validation, a feeling of well-being and accomplishment, and encourage us to move forward. Bad decisions tend to be self-defeating, can be hurtful to ourselves and those we love, and leave us feeling unfulfilled and hopeless. Also, there are those forces acting on us that we have little or no control over including childhood and family experiences and the behavior of others in our current lives that need to be acknowledged and understood.

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