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MFA, MA - Pre-Licensed Practitioner under supervision

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Diver VanAvery


Diver believes in the power of being witnessed. For many of us, the origin of our pain can be traced back to not feeling seen, known, or loved. Whether we didn’t feel like we could be who we truly are growing up or we are living outside of dominant cultural norms now, therapy can be a place where this longing to be known and unconditionally cared for can begin to be met.

In therapy sessions, Diver meets you where you are and co-creates a space of courageous introspection that allows you to look back at your past and to name the moments in your present that need tending. Sessions are a chance to feel into the places that feel unloved or unlovable and identify the personal, social, or political roots that block the flow of love in your life. Diver practices “with-ness”, walking beside your discoveries through asking questions and offering teachings from global poets, healers, and activists to aid in your insights.

Diver works with mid-life or older people and couples in any relationship model who are seeking to deepen their spiritual path, cultivate self-compassion, and unfold more fully into their desires. Throughout the therapeutic relationship, Diver will support you to see where you have choices in your life while resting, parenting, career-ing, grieving loss, making art, grappling with a world in crisis, and still somehow finding energy to connect in significant ways with friends, family, partners, and a wider community. I also see GLBTQ+ couples in any form of relationship. Often the outgrowth of the therapeutic journey will help you to feel a deeper connection with yourself and a richer set of community/spiritual connections where you can be fully yourself; vulnerable and powerful, tender and strong.

With a background in the arts, Diver enjoys reading, lifting not-very-heavy weights, making public art, writing, parenting, and hanging out with their queer family. Diver has an MFA in Creative Writing and also earned my master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Diver is working toward LPCC licensure under the licensed supervision of Corinne Nechalova, MA, LPCC.

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