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Adam Fieldson


Adam is a down-to-earth optimist who believes that positive change is always possible, even in difficult circumstances. Therapy is the process of identifying and actualizing positive change. These changes look different for everyone, which is why Adam approaches therapy differently with all his clients. Adam wants to nonjudgmentally explore your whole self, even the difficult to share parts. Through this exploration, he hopes to help you find deeper understanding, acceptance, and peace

Adam is a Masters student who has taken a winding road toward deciding to become a therapist. This non-traditional path in life gives Adam a unique perspective that prioritizes intentionality. He is passionate about self-exploration and helping others identify their needs and desires. We are constantly told what we should want out of life, what we should be doing, how we should show up in the world. Adam wants to foster your bravery and agency to ignore the shoulds and define your own path.

Adam is working under the licensed supervision of Kate West, MSW, LICSW while he completes his graduate internship program.

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