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Mari Tankenoff


Mari is dedicated to human sustainability. She has an expansive, holistic, and inclusive perspective of humanity and the lived human experience. A Licensed Psychologist since 1993, she has worked with individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations motivated to experience well-being, improved relationships, inner peace, efficacy, empowerment, and flourishing. In response to life’s challenges, suffering, and transitions, Mari’s integrative, eclectic style of therapy offers powerful, transformative healing and forward movement. Mari works with adults across the lifespan, meeting unique client needs with cognitive behavioral, compassion focused, psychodynamic, feminist, humanistic, transpersonal, solution focused, strengths based, positive psychology, and contemplative science and practice therapeutic approaches.

Foundationally, Mari strives to create emotional safety in her work, offering wholeness of presence to encourage the same from her clients. Her style is collaborative, interactive, and always person centered. She has worked with global clients from all walks of life, flexibly providing individualized therapeutic approaches to meet everyone’s unique self and situation.

Mari is particularly interested in cultivating and sustaining total-person (mind-body-spirit) care, self-care, and wellness—especially in response to life changes and transitions, health issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, intimacy, sexuality, relationships, and professional and work issues. Mari’s background in integrative medicine, business, and compassion research and practice continues to inform her work.

As a systems thinker-doer, Mari sees the human being as a complex and valued system. She is committed to both internal process and actionable outcome—and nothing is more fulfilling to her than when her clients realize and experience their goals for total-person health and well-being.

Mari's credentials include: PhD, Organizational Systems and Sustainable Leadership; MA, Psychology; LP Licensed Psychologist (MN); LPCC Licensed Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor (NM); LMHC Licensed Mental Health Counselor (NY and HI); and CC, Coach Training Alliance (CTA) Certified Coach.

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