Katrina Seitz-Anderson

Locations: The Lakeside Center, Telehealth

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Katrina Seitz-Anderson


Katrina assists as clients attend to internalized narratives, emotions, and physical responses in order to neutralize self-judgments and feel an expanded sense of ease.

Katrina works individually with adult clients (ages 18+) who desire recovery from symptoms of depression and anxiety, trauma reactions, and relational wounds (with yourself or others). People who chose to work with Katrina often start because they are troubled with the physical experience of irritability, distress, tension, or feeling overwhelmed, shut-down, numb, or cut from themselves or others. Experiencing these states over time can lead to blaming ourselves. Katrina understands how painful this feels, and wants you to know, you do not need to remain stuck; change is possible.

Katrina is a trauma-informed therapist and is a trained practitioner for both Somatic Experiencing and Accelerated Resolution Therapy. These therapeutic techniques attend to embodied responses to your thoughts, emotions, and life events to help heal a dysregulated nervous system. Clients and Katrina frequently use humor, references to books, imagery and metaphors to help visualize and illustrate life stories and experiences. Katrina is an ally to the LBGTQ community and clients who may experience discrimination in our society based on their identity. She is committed to learning and practicing ways to be a more anti-racist person.

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