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Yael Gun-Goggins


For over a decade, Yael has worked with children, adolescents and adults in both English and Spanish. Her approach--customized for each person’s needs--focuses on creating safe, supportive relationships, opening space to explore difficulties and paving the way for real change. She is passionate about helping people experiencing anxiety, depression, adjustment, identity development and trauma build healthier, fulfilling lives.

In therapy, Yael takes a relational, psychodynamic approach that focuses on process and using the therapeutic relationship to reach clinical goals. She meets clients where they are at, works collaboratively to understand struggles and uses a supportive, strength-based approach to encourage movement toward goals. Yael uses a variety of interventions including EMDR, CBT, DBT interpersonal work, play therapy among others. Clinical presentations include but not limited to; anxiety, depression, adjustment, attachment difficulties, identity development and trauma work. One of Yael’s passions is working with adolescent/young adults and incorporating identity development work.

Yael has a trauma-informed lens and has extensive experience in doing trauma work, including using EMDR with children, adolescents and adults. Grounded on attachment and developmental theory, Yael’s experience working with people across the lifespan including extensive child psychotherapy, parenting work and family therapy aids in creating a full picture of an individual, taking into account both the present and the past and how they are impacting their presenting concerns.

Years of work with diverse populations have led to the deep understanding of the need to look at and work with an individual’s entire context as an essential part of their treatment. Incorporating this lens into therapeutic work leads to exploring all parts of one’s and making them salient in their therapeutic experience.

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