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Rachael Cavegn


Rachael is a licensed marriage and family therapist with 12 years of experience working with clients who are coping with trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, relational dynamics, and SPMI diagnoses. She is presently under mentorship training working toward certification as a neurofeedback clinician through BCIA. Rachael is also a candidate for certification as an AAMFT board approved supervisor.

Rachael works from the perspective that human beings are logical and that our brain, mind, thoughts, feelings and overall health reflect the environment and experiences in which we developed and continue to live. She also understands that we have extraordinary capacity for healing and repair when given the right tools and the opportunity to use them. We all make sense, and with information, knowledge and the opportunity to put them into action we can make something new for our lives.

Rachael has been following the research in neuropsychology throughout her career in an effort to more fully understand and address the mental health struggles her clients have experienced. In 2020 she discovered neurofeedback training was a scientifically supported, efficacious intervention option that is non-invasive and empowers clients to retrain their own brains so that they can experience the calm and presence of mind needed to improve their own overall health and quality of life.

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