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Noah Weiers


Noah will help you find your voice and help gain an understanding of what is happening in your life and find out what you need. Nothing is off the table. You will walk through your story together and find a way to reach your goals. With the many stressors our society is giving us, it seems like hope for our future is lost. A lot of therapy that is offered today tries to make you think that if you just change your mindset that things can get better, instead of giving you actual tools you can apply in your environment. It also tends to focus on things that are wrong with you instead of looking at how to apply your strengths.
Noah will teach Transactional Analysis to give you a better way to understand yourself (i.e., Parent, Adult, and Child ego states), so you can look at how you interact with your environment. You will learn and practice meditation together to help you control intrusive thoughts. There is no one best therapy, but by combining the best of Western psychotherapy and Eastern philosophy we can use a holistic approach to your problems, as well as give you the tools to combat today’s stress-fueled environment. Noah uses a combination of theories and approaches that will fit with whatever you are bringing in. When Noah works with clients it is an atmosphere of warmth and nonjudgment, as well as a place for learning. This will not be a typical you tell me something and then I tell you something back, but instead, a working relationship where we co-relate to solve problems that are based on healthy boundaries and acceptance.

Noah is working under the licensed supervision of Erica Johnson MA, LPCC, while he pursues clinical licensure as a Professional Clinical Counselor.

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