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Jillian Wright


Jillian appreciates the courage it takes to come to therapy and how hard it can be to find the therapist that “fits.” She can relate - hang in there! Jillian serves as a therapist with focus, humility, and directness. Because Jillian believes deeply in people’s capacity for resilience, she seeks to find people’s motivation for making meaningful change even if it isn’t completely comfortable.

All people are experts in their lives and how their relationships, communities, systems and world events impact them. Sometimes what worked to adapt to horrible circumstances no longer serves us, and we need help finding a new way forward. Within a trusting relationship, Jillian can use motivational, harm reduction, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, mind-body, and exposure techniques (among others she continues to learn!) to support people’s healing process. She’s certified in Prolonged Exposure for the treatment of PTSD, has her license in alcohol and drug counseling, and a master’s degree in Integrated Behavioral Health from the University of Minnesota.

She has served immigrants, refugees, survivors of trauma, people struggling with the impacts from using alcohol and other drugs, individuals processing the effects of racialized trauma, people navigating big life changes, Veterans and military families, people experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and panic symptoms to name just a few.

Jillian is working under the licensed supervision of Ann Kellogg, MA, LPCC, while pursuing clinical licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical

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