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Gao Chee Vang


Gao is a bilingual (English/Hmong) psychotherapist with over five years of experience in serving individuals suffering from past trauma, SPMI, chemical dependency, depression, and anxiety. She has a specialty in working with those from Southeast Asian populations and other cultural linguistic and ethnic groups.

Moreover, she has seen the significance therapy has in providing individuals and families opportunities to heal as self-identity blooms. She believes people come from all walks of life where challenges have created various experiences and perspectives, and sometimes support is needed to strive for increased resiliency. She provides a safe space that is characterized by compassion and support for each person she serves.
Additionally, Gao’s approach is client-centered, integrative and holistic which allows clients and communities to achieve healing and harmony. She draws from various evidenced-based interventions including Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), CBT, mindfulness and psychoeducation to develop skills and insight. Most importantly, Gao’s commitment is to support you to become a better vision of you, and that allows you the opportunity for growth.

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