Andrea Cyr

MCM, L.Ac. Dipl CM

Locations: The Lakeside Center

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Andrea Cyr


Acupuncture is gentle and versatile. It’s a practical and useful way to learn about yourself and care for your health.

Unfortunately, it’s still pretty common to frame what we think of our bodies in terms of what is not going well.

Chinese Medicine practices, including acupuncture, look at the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our lives together to discern treatment strategies.

This process offers you space to reconnect with your body and begin to notice what is working well for you AND have some understanding and expert care for the symptoms that you are having now.

Knowing what wellness looks like for you helps you identify earlier when care is needed to re-balance and how to preserve the health you have.

Andrea treats all ages and a broad range of physical and emotional symptoms including pain, internal imbalances with digestion, respiration, the nervous system and reproduction, anxiety and depression. Treatments address the causes of underlying imbalances in your whole system that affect your quality of life, sleep, ability to connect with others and to pursue what is important to you.

Andrea is licensed through the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, certified through the NCCAOM and completed her master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in 2006.

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