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Therapy and Counseling

From individual and child therapy to family and couples / relationship counseling, we offer a wide range of modalities, approaches, and tools to address your specific needs.

Seeing and Serving the Whole You

Your path to living a more authentic life is as unique as you are. At LynLake, our relational approach to healing is designed to address your whole self and the complex intersections of mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes this means using additional modalities, approaches, and tools to create an individualized plan that works for you. Here you can see some of the most common therapies we offer. We invite you to explore our team bios to explore the wide range of approaches our team can provide.


Also known as individual therapy or counseling, this is the most common and wide-ranging modality we offer. Working with a skilled provider in this setting is clinically proven to help reduce symptoms of depression, trauma, and anxiety by getting to the deeper causes of your mental health concerns.

Child / Adolescent

Many of our providers have specialized expertise with the particular needs of children and adolescents seeking therapy, medication management, and nutrition services. Reach out to our referrals specialists to take the first step toward help for your loved one.

Couples / Relationship Therapy

Couples / Relationship counseling gives partners a safe and exploratory setting to examine communication styles and historical conflict. Whatever your desired outcome, our providers can help you and your partner(s) achieve a deeper understanding of one another based on mutual trust and respect.

Family Therapy

Our skilled providers can help family members of all ages navigate the intricacies of group dynamics to build a deeper sense of community. Together, you can explore and resolve historical and current conflicts and communication challenges in a safe environment where everyone feels heard and understood.

Group Therapy

Virtual and in-person groups can provide support, education, connection, and resources on topics related to self-worth, trauma, gender identity and expression, neurodivergence, coping skills, and more.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

We partner with the experts at Institute for Integrative Therapies to offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). This integrative approach can lead to powerful healing experiences and the development of new neuropathways, helping to create lasting change.

Nutrition Therapy

Our Registered Dietitians may consult with individuals looking for support with a range of eating disorders or other nutritional concerns that can coexist with a mental health diagnosis. Sessions may address current eating patterns, past eating patterns, exercise, food trauma, body image, and more to help develop a personal/optimal relationship with food and body.