Expertise with Empathy

At LynLake, we’re committed to helping all people heal and thrive. Our diverse team of over 134+ practitioners covers a vast range of clinical and psychotherapeutic specializations. While more common concerns may encompass a wide range of topics, from substance abuse and anxiety to trauma and sexuality, we’ll work with you to design a process and approach that’s tailored to your individual needs.

Alcohol / Addiction

Is dependence on alcohol, substances, or compulsive habits affecting your relationships at work or at home? Work with one of our providers to unearth and understand the deeper emotional roots of addictive behaviors and begin the journey toward more centered, self-directed living.

Anxiety / Depression

It can be hard to name and express the unsettled feelings we carry inside us. When those feelings begin to affect the quality of daily life, it can be even harder to know how to begin unpacking them. Let one of our providers guide you through the process of voicing intense feelings of fear, grief, sadness, or loneliness toward healing and relief.

Trauma / PTSD

Sometimes our past experiences can undermine our ability to lead healthy, functional lives in the present moment. Our trained experts in trauma and PTSD can guide you on a path toward feelings of greater safety and abundance.


Every person’s sexuality comprises a unique constellation of history, identity, relationships, and desire. Connect with one of our sex and sexuality experts to explore orientation, somatic experience, attraction, preferences, and relational challenges in a safe and emotionally expansive environment.