Counselors at Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy and Wellness

Your Partners in Possibility

At LynLake: Centers for WellBeing, we believe all people deserve to lead empowered, creative, authentic lives. We’re here for you, no matter where you’re at. We’re a large, diverse group composed of experienced psychotherapists, dieticians, nutritionists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and an acupuncturist, united by our passion for helping to create a healthy, resilient, fulfilled community. Our clinical and psychotherapeutic expertise covers a vast array of needs and focuses, including trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sex therapy, codependency, and addiction, LGBTQ concerns, pre- and post- natal, PTSD and trauma, EMDR, DBT, art therapy, narrative therapy, somatic-focused therapy, mindfulness, and many others.

We’re Purpose-driven

Our services are guided by our mission, vision, and values. We view psychotherapy and wellness as a collaborative relationship that has the power to bring individuals, couples, and families into greater harmony with themselves and the world around them. Our clinics provide an equitable, open, accessible space where all are given the room to explore and expand their mental and physical health. By uniting our principals with our practice, we can provide a richer, more intimate experience fully focused on you and your needs.

Our Mission

To bring every client a greater sense of peace by guiding them to live more authentically; to co-create dynamic, unique relationships that empower each client to identify, value, and express emotions.

Our Vision

A healthy, authentic, just, and peaceful planet.

More of Our Values

Social Justice

Unconditional advocacy and support for all marginalized people in pursuit of a universal system of equality and fairness.


Strengthening the emotional and social agency of people so they can make meaningful choices with confidence, no matter the circumstances.


We believe true wellness requires strong, equitable communities, which is why our practice is built on a foundation of social justice and personal accountability.


To prioritize your health and ensure ongoing service, we offer telehealth counseling via video conference.

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Our Approach

We emphasize a relational approach to therapy that’s focused on your emotions, and how they surface in context. This framework has many benefits as it puts your unique personality, perspective, and real-world behaviors first. With that deeper understanding, we can discover the right therapeutic methods together, to achieve palpable results based on your strengths.